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NEWMARCH serves the Greater Toronto area with mechanical expertise since 1966. Heating Air Conditioning, Ventilation, Plumbing, Air Quality and HVAC Preventative Maintenance Programs. NEWMARCH happily serves the community. At NEWMARCH, the customer is always first.

We solve your HVAC problems

Here at Newmarch Technical Systems 2000 inc. We solve your HVAC problems by providing full comprehensive service. We not only provide hardware and installation for our customers, we also offer a full range of maintenance programs. We understand that your needs go beyond the hardware being installed and that you need someone there when you have a problem. Here at Newmarch we encourage an ongoing relationship with you.


Proactive Maintenance

All of the maintenance is done for you.
When your equipment is on a proactive maintenance schedule, all of the maintenance is done. This is very important with the new electrical rates coming into effect, rates which will cost you more. The maintenance insures that energy used to operate is kept to a minimum. The cleaner the equipment the more money it will save on hydro.

FULL Comprehensive Maintenance

This program will save you the need to worry, we take care of everything.
For equipment that is over 5 years old, this program will save the owner the need to authorize repairs every time. The mechanic just repairs the problem. This saves on emergencies in critical rooms (ie: computer rooms, refrigeration lockers etc.) This program also puts the responsibility on the contractor to do the proper maintenance at the right time, this reduces emergency calls.

Custom Maintenance Programs

This program is built as per the customers request.
This program is custom built for you based on your needs. Options are, but are not limited to: All of the labour included, parts extra. HVAC maintenance with all parts, labour, travel and emergency labour. Have the filters and belts included with spring and summer start up's done and all repairs extra. Or design your own to fit your company needs.

Backflow Prevention

Installation Inspection and maintenance services
Cross-connection control is the management or "control" of cross-connections to protect public safety by preventing backflow incidents within the public or water consumer's potable water system. Typically, water will flow from the public water supply to the consumer's plumbing distribution system. Backflow is the undesirable reversal of this flow of water and undesirable substances from the non-potable source to the potable source. We at NEWMARCH have been protecting the city's water for ten years, we would like to help you have that protection.

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